Four new officers were elected to lead the MoCOAD group at the annual meeting on June 27. Kathy White - chairperson (Lowe's), Kriste Lindberg - vice-chair, Lucy Schaich - secretary (City of Bloomington Volunteer Network), and Barry Lessow - Treasurer (United Way of Monroe County).


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Joined Way of Monroe County unites individuals and assets, and teams up with more than 25 neighborhood non-benefit offices, to propel the benefit of all privilege here in our group. To do this, we are concentrating on the building hinders for a decent life: youth, wage, and wellbeing. We are all individuals, all associated and related. When one of us endures, we as a whole endure. We will likely make enduring changes in Monroe County that avoid issues before they happen. To perform this, we require your assistance. We know it takes an entire group cooperating to influence change. That is the reason we welcome you to be a piece of the development .

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