Members of MoCOAD gathered at the Monroe County Public Library on May 9th to conduct their annual meeting. A panel on the importance of spiritual and emotional care in disaster response was presented.

New officers were elected unanimously for a 2016-18 term of service in the following positions:
Vice Chair – Kathy White
Secretary – Lisa KaneAt Large – John Poehlman
At Large – Bob LaGarde (term -2017) (filling in for a vacated seat) 

New function leads for the following functions were acknowledged:
Gena Carney - Case Management
Maria Carrasquillo - Communications
Marsha McCarty - Spiritual & Emotional Care
The annual meeting and election held on June 24 produced a fresh slate of officers for the coming term. Two new executive board positions were elected to round out the officer positions on the board with two general member positions. The slate included: 
  • Vice Chairperson (term: 2014-2016)  Kriste Lindberg, individual
  • Secretary (term: 2014-2016)  Lucy Schaich, Bloomington Volunteer Network

Executive Committee General Members:
  • Mike McCann, Christian Emergency Network (term: 2014-2015) 
  • John Poehlman, Argus K-9 (term: 2014-2016)  

Welcome aboard Mike & John and welcome back Lucy and Kriste!
It's never too early to be prepared! Take a moment during your month to make sure that you and your family are ready for whatever disaster may come. Here are some resources to get you started:
Four new officers were elected to lead the MoCOAD group at the annual meeting on June 27. Kathy White - chairperson (Lowe's), Kriste Lindberg - vice-chair, Lucy Schaich - secretary (City of Bloomington Volunteer Network), and Barry Lessow - Treasurer (United Way of Monroe County).